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Apply Foundation Like A Pro

Foundation is the building block of your entire makeup routine – if your foundation is off, everything else will be. You need to make like Houdini, blending it so well that people think it’s your natural skin. To accomplish this feat, here are some tips and tricks from professional makeup services douglas county ga gurus to help tame your look.

Take proper care of your skin before applying makeup. Your skin should be cleaned and highly moisturized before applying anything to it. You want your face to glow, so use a hydrating mask and massage the face afterwards. Make sure the mask is perfect for your skin and allows it to flourish.

Use primer if you need it. Many people don’t know whether to prime or not, as sometimes it is unnecessary. However, when applied in the right way, it can keep foundation from rubbing off during the day. Use as little as possible and go for a primer with a matte finish for areas like the nose, forehead, and mouth. For a fuller look in the cheeks, use a sheer primer that illuminates the skin.

Start from the center and go in an outward motion. You don’t need to cover the whole face in foundation – use it where it is necessary. Start with the center of the face, the apples of cheeks, and blend out. Also keep your mouth in mind, where undertones can play a key part in your look. If you want it to look as natural as possible, skip the nose bridge as well as the corner of your nostrils.

makeup services douglas county ga

With these tips, you can get your foundation looking pristine and natural. With the help of professionals, your makeup look can go from ‘cool’ to ‘astounding’ and you can feel confident in your look.